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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What makes IBC different than the other brokers ?

We are constantly working hard to differentiate IBC from other firms. Our Team Members have minimum 20 years of experience in their expertise. All current investment projects go through an intensive research, and background check. Whether funding or get funded, all clients MUST provide legal documents, POF, LOI, and physical registration records. Before accepting any client, IBC team makes sure that there are no credibility issues.



What is IBC 's benefit ?

IBC operates on retainers' fee policy. Depending on the type of project budget, IBC charges 1 to 10 percent commission when the deal is closed. We NEVER request upfront payments.

Is there a minimum Investment/Funding level ?

Absolutely not ! However, it would be nice to know more about your plans and how much your budget is.


What is IBC's minimum Consultancy Flat Fee?

We DO NOT charge our clients with a flat fee.


What is IBC's minimum Contract Length?

Again, depending on your investment or funding request type, our Clients usually sign 3 months initial contracts with option of a free renewal. Even though, we do recommend a minimum 6 months contract, you are required to make at least 30 Days long contract with us.


Is my personal information safe with IBC ?

Absolutely yes ! For further information, please visit our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy pages


Can IBC direct fund me ?

No we do not provide funding. There are plenty of private hard cash lenders out there. We strongly recommend you to do your own Due Diligence in this case.


What types of projects IBC represent ?

Although IBC has wide variety of projects, we try to focus in Energy, Construction,Real Estate, Automotive, Packaging, Fashion RTW, and Marketing Services

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