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Areas Of Expertise

Unlock Global Opportunities in Your Industry:


EPC Construction Contracts: Are you a construction company seeking to expand your operations internationally? We specialize in connecting you with reliable partners in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) industry. Whether you're looking to collaborate on large-scale infrastructure projects or explore new markets for construction opportunities, we have the network and expertise to find the perfect match for your business. Build and Design, Shell&Core, TurnKey services for Superstructure building (Hostpitals, Educational Buildings, Residential Buildings, Warehouses, Factory Buildings, Private Houses) in concrete or steel structure forms.


Online Fashion E-Commerce and RTW Apparel: The fashion industry thrives on global collaborations. If you're in the online fashion e-commerce or ready-to-wear (RTW) apparel sector, our matchmaking services can help you connect with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in target markets worldwide. Expand your reach, tap into new customer bases, and enhance your brand's international presence with our assistance. Sourcing quality garment apparels for men and women through licenced and 6 Sigma factories, arranging online flash sales, cross border sales, casting, photoshooting, prcing, logistics, and CRM services.


Aluminum Flat Products: Are you involved in the production or distribution of aluminum flat products, such as coils, sheets, or stripes? Our network extends to the aluminum industry, connecting you with potential partners in the global market. Whether you're looking to source high-quality aluminum products or expand your customer base internationally, we can assist you in finding reliable and reputable suppliers or buyers. Produced from ingots through continous casting system, wide range of AA alloys, H hardness, and ebossing are available. Product ranges as sheets, coils, slugs, stripes, and discs. Max width 1200mm, max thickness 6mm with cut-to-length upto 4m



Aluminum Collapsible Tubes: The demand for aluminum collapsible tubes is growing rapidly across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food packaging. If you're a manufacturer or supplier of aluminum collapsible tubes, we can help you identify lucrative business opportunities in target regions. Our matchmaking services will connect you with potential clients or partners, enabling you to expand your market presence and increase your revenue. Sourcing available from 13,5mm diameter upto 45mm diameter, with/without nozzles, caps, membraned or non-membraned tubes. ISO certified with top quality varnish lacquering possible.

International Coverage

At IBC, we understand the importance of geographical coverage in international business expansion. We specialize in the following regions:


European Union and European Economic Zone: Tap into the thriving European market with our assistance. We can help you identify potential partners, distributors, or customers within the European Union and the European Economic Zone. Leverage the strong economic presence and trade opportunities in these regions to grow your business.


Middle East: The Middle East offers a diverse range of business opportunities across various industries. Whether you're interested in oil and gas, construction, retail, or hospitality, our matchmaking services can help you find the right partners in this region. Explore the potential of countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and more.


North America: The United States and Canada boast robust economies and serve as significant markets for international businesses. If you're looking to expand your operations in North America, we can connect you with potential partners, distributors, or clients in these countries. Unlock the vast opportunities and tap into the consumer base of this region.


Turkey and Balkans: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey and the Balkans offer a unique blend of business opportunities. Whether you're targeting the Turkish market or exploring opportunities in countries like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, our matchmaking services can help you establish valuable connections in these regions.

Other Areas Of Interest

In addition to our core offerings, we are pleased to extend our expertise to the following products and services:

Automotive Aftermarket Sales and Parts

Paintbooth NonWoven Filters

Artificial Intelligence Commercials and Video Productions

Tailor Made Solutions

We pride ourselves on our extensive global network and reach, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients' unique inquiries. While the products and services mentioned above showcase our expertise, we understand that every business has specific needs and requirements.


At IBC, we go beyond the listed products and services. Our wide-ranging global network allows us to explore diverse industries, connect with reputable partners, and source a wide array of products and services based on your specific demands. Whether you have niche requirements or seek customized solutions, we are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your business.


With our commitment to understanding your goals and preferences, combined with our vast network and expertise, we can uncover sourcing possibilities that go beyond the mentioned industries and product ranges. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive solutions that meet your exact specifications and drive your business forward.


Don't limit your potential by thinking within defined boundaries. Let IBC be your trusted partner in discovering sourcing possibilities beyond the mentioned industries and product ranges. With our wide global network and tailored approach, we can uncover tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives.


As of April 2024, IBC started collaborating with Los Angeles based IIIONUIIIENTAI 

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