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There is no doubt that many of us are trying to make a decent living, and provide a good future for our children. As you read these lines, you probably have already succeeded this, but unfotunately for some children, its a tough world out there. It breaks our hearts to see them lacking proper clothing, education, hygiene and fun


With all this in mind, we have decided to take action to become the giving hand by donating those children's clothings, books, confectionery, and / or toys which we no longer need, or want in our homes. Let oolaloo connect you with children in need. 

So if you are interested in participating oolaloo, send us an email explaining what you can donate. REMEMBER ! This is not about cash, checks or credit card donations, yet, all we want is to get you particiapte in oolaloo 's efforts to make a child smile. :)

If This Sounds Like You, Let's Get Connected or fill out our membership form here

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