Your Legal Office In Turkey : As of May 2017, we are providing top legal assistance to foreign companies or individuals that are already doing business in / with Turkey, or plan to work in this rapidly growing country. Our legal team of highly skilled attorneys with expertise in Patent Laws, Intellectual Property, and Mergers&Acquisitons. 

Turkish Company Registering

Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Laws : Especially comanies operate in HighTech, FinTech, Energy, Internet, Autumotive, or Entertainment industries often find themselves in a rather unpleasant situation by illegal duplications, or cheap copies. To avoid such cases, it is always recommended to apply for international patents, or intellectual property rights for your business. Over the years, our skilled lawyers had been serving some famous Turkish TV and radio stations to protect their intellectual property rights. 

Mergers & Acquisition Laws : Today's corporations buy out other rival or strategic players. Although most of us think that the procedures often follow a smooth path, examples tell us, other way around. If you and your company have plans in buying or merging with a Turkish company, IBC 's legal team may is the right group of professionals that you should consult with. We will show you all the hidden pitfalls, and dangers lay within the Turkish legal system that could end up costing you millions of Dollars. So, why not let us help you run a stress free M&A process.

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