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Latest Updates, News On Current Deals and Offers

  • 06.11.2022 : Registered and Obtained U.S SAM Unique Entity ID Number ZX9ZMC74PBW7

  • 29.05.2021 : Registered and Obtained U.S DUNS Number

  • 10.22.2020 : Trilateral NDA has been signed between US Relyant, Turkish Can Group, and IBD to promote new construction projects in MENA region.

  • 08.24.2020 : Can Constructon Group, and IBD will promote new construction projects in SubSaharan Africa

  • 09.01.2020 : IBC will promote Jacob Haerdi, Swiss Filters and Filter Media Products

  • 06.01.2020 : IBC has signed an exclusive trade partnership with Demir Organik Turkey to expand and promote state of the art formula based organic fertiziers in liquid and solid forms. 

  • 05.15.2020 : IBC has commenced talkings for a large scale construction projects in Croatia between Danish and Turkish companies..

  • 04.11.2020 : As of April, IBC now offers high quality Aftermarket Automotive Spare Parts based out of China. For inquiries please email

  • 03.01.2020: Covid UPDATE - You can visit HERE to learn and understand more on Coronovirus Pandemics. Stay Safe

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